blogger vs wordpress – which one is best

Coinduniya, Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Blogger vs WordPress – which one is best

Blogger Vs Wordpress - Which One Is Best


In today’s post, we will tell you whether WordPress will be right for you or Blogger?.

Guys first of all let’s talk about bloggers, will bloggers be right for you or time wasted?

Friends, for the first time a blogger is a very big platform controlled by Google.

this means that the security of the blogger is also very high and has many features.

Blogger is a very simple and easy platform that does not require any technical knowledge to run your website.

You can use your blog or blog for free without logging into your blogger.

Blogger Vs Wordpress - Which One Is Best

If you are not interested, you can create a professional website and start working on it. You can also log in to buy a new domain and join Blogger.

Blogger requires a lot of patience and hard work to do the same thing and Blogger does not even allow you to fully customize and you get some themes and themes by default.


Yes, you can run hundreds of blogs for free through the .blogspot subdomain in if you want to make a professional blog. then you can buy a custom domain and use it on

Friends, we talked about the price here because even after taking a custom domain. No need to spend any money to run the blog in Blogger.

But in blogger, we do not need to buy hosting.

Easy and Fast

Using blogger is easy if you use google features like youtube Gmail etc. So you don’t even need to sign up on blogger. You just have to sign in to blogger using a username and password.

Blogger Vs Wordpress - Which One Is Best

And all this is easier than other blogging platforms because here. Blogger itself guarantees the speed, security, technical hosting issues of your site. Therefore, it becomes very easy for any user to create a blog on Blogger, you try it and you will know yourself.

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Google Integration

Friends, as you know blogger is a product of Google and if you use any product of Google, then you do not need any new username and password in your blogger account. And your data remains available with Google, along with this you can also buy custom domains from Google.

Apart from this, if you publish ads on your blog for online earning. Adsense is also a product of Google, so in this way, you get to see the integration of Google.

Speed & Performance

Friends, after creating a blog, if the speed of your website slows down or the server goes down, then there is no main advantage of creating your site.

Therefore, you do not need to take any tension, you just have to focus on the content of your blog and focus on promoting it.

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WordPress is a software CMS that allows you to fully customize your website.


Blogger Vs Wordpress - Which One Is Best

What is WordPress? – What Is WordPress. If you do not know what is WordPress? And if you want to know about WordPress in detail, then this post can prove to be very helpful for you, because today in this post we will know what is WordPress? When, why and who created WordPress? How to use WordPress? How to make a website on WordPress? & What are the advantages of WordPress. all WordPress?

Friends, if you are a blogger or want to start blogging, this article will be very important for you. Because here we are going to tell about WordPress.

Friends, first of all, you need to know that what is WordPress? Friends, today we type our questions on Google to get information on any topic on Google.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP & MySql (programming languages) which means the user can customize the theme and page of the website by coding as per his requirement.

In simple words, it is a platform for blogging that you use in both free and paid ways. Because you can also create a website on WordPress for free, you can also use WordPress plugins and templates as per your convenience by purchasing hosting and domain. WordPress is designed in programming language from PHP and MySQL.

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Today, the first priority is to make the website live on WordPress by the user. Because of which at present more than 60 million websites use WordPress for blogging. 

That’s why WordPress is used as the most popular website management system. Friends, it is necessary to know here that a web server or internet hosting service is required to run WordPress.

Blogger Vs Wordpress - Which One Is Best

When, why and who created WordPress?

WordPress was launched in the year 2007 by two people named Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress software was released under GPLv2.

Along with this, you need to know that the main purpose of launching WordPress as a CMS was so that every user can easily create their website even without the knowledge of coding. So today even non-technical users can create their own website with the help of various useful tools of WordPress.

The special thing about WordPress is that you do not need to become a coding language or web developer in this, you can run your site using the tools of WordPress without even learning to code. And you will be able to manage easily. 

From time to time, WordPress brings updates to its plugins and themes, due to which users use them to improve the user interface and it is beneficial for the security of the publisher’s site.

Blogger Vs Wordpress - Which One Is Best

Benefits Of WordPress

Creating a website on WordPress is not only easy but also economical as compared to other content management systems. This means that you can create your website/blog on WordPress at a very low cost.

On WordPress, we can use the template as per our requirement, if we want, we can customize our blog as per the requirement by using a free or paid theme.


There are millions of plugins available on WordPress, which means that we can use these plugins to use any feature in the site and deactivate them when we install any app according to our requirement.

There are many tools available on WordPress like Yoast SEO, with the help of which we can get our posts indexed in Google quickly. 

Friends, in this way you learned that what are the benefits of WordPress, now we will know how you Can use WordPress?

So friends, because we have talked in detail about the benefits of WordPress above, now we will also know some negative points of this blogging tool.

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Need Of Hosting

That’s why many new bloggers are unable to do blogging on WordPress! Because they do not have money to buy good web hosting.

But on the other hand, if we look at Google’s product blogger, then on Blogger we can set up our own blog for free without hosting! Without spending money on hosting.

Technical Knowledge

Even though you have limited options to customize your blog in Blogger, but here you can set up a blog even without technical knowledge! Talk about the same thing on WordPress, so here you have been given the facility to design the blog according to your mind.

Friends, you also get to see some negative points on this blogging platform.

Setup Process

If we compare here also WordPress with other blogging platforms Blogger, then if you want to start a new blog on Blogger, it only takes less than 5 minutes to set up! On the other hand, for buying a new domain on WordPress and taking web hosting and making it live on the internet, you need to be already aware of it.

That’s why many people start their blog on WordPress in the beginning, but they face a lot of problems in setting up the block! Therefore, we can also say that this is the second increased negative point of this blogging platform.


To make all the websites hosted on the WordPress platform more secure, WordPress keeps on giving new updates and security tips to the users from time to time! And maybe in the coming time, new updates will be seen in WordPress for the purpose of security.

Customer Support

WordPress can bring some new things on top of better customer support for the convenience of the users! However, at this time, WordPress support forums offer 24-hour live support via support documentation


The functionality of WordPress compels many users to use this premium platform! That’s why WordPress is constantly working to improve its functionality. You can get to see some new functions in this in 2022.


 How to use WordPress? How to make a website on WordPress? & What are the advantages of WordPress. All about WordPress.

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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