Russia’s breakaway pro-Ukrainian legion accepts crypto-currency donations

The “Freedom of Russia” Legion is at the moment making headlines with its conquest of Belgorod province, western Russia. Now Legion is asking for donations in cryptocurrency – with unimaginable implicit. Crypto has discovered its function on this planet.
The “Freedom of Russia” Legion is a fight unit of the Russian military that defected to Ukraine and joined the armed forces there as a part of the worldwide volunteer corps. They’re at the moment greatest recognized for capturing territory for Ukraine within the Belgorod province in western Russia.
Now, the Russian Legion of Freedom is asking for donations in crypto:
BTC: 33NT6gHgeSk1QKWqrUgP3xQwYtNz3Msby7
ETH(ERC20): 0x0724D8523Af2A80f9aa51aeF4bFf3AC592115c4d
USDT(TRC20/TRX): TQ1ch1ASw4XDJ6WK5KYymSVgmjUhjg9Eq5
ZEC: t1aVGJ2MaCppXCEmAattLcAxNveNh1ASnAi
BNB: bnb1hr0r3urakqkyfehl5knygcvulwlzk44pqkuadm
With this donation, the “Freedom of Russia” legion, in accordance with its personal statements, will first be sure that the Russian armed forces go away Ukraine so as to rid the Kremlin “of the mobs of murderers and looters” and create a “new, free Russia”. , which isn’t a rogue state like Iran or North Korea, however a part of the free world.

Good morning to all however Putin’s henchmen! Need to be a part of the liberation battle? Help us financially.
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