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By Billy Rogers 08/11/20

Anthony Edwards To Dwyane Wade

Anthony Edwards is on a watch list of young stars who have the potential to become the next big thing in the NBA

At just 20, Edwards has averaged 20 points per game during his first two seasons in the NBA.

That average is almost identical to another NBA legend's first couple of years in the league, none other than Dwyane Wade.

Andre Iguodala brought up the comparison between him and Edwards, giving the young Wolves star the highest praise.

He Can Change Those Directions... And He's Explosive Coming Out Of It. It's Insane.

Iguodala is a big believer in Edwards and his talent and potential,

he thinks that Edwards has what it takes to make it as a superstar in the league.

However, if he wants his career trajectory to follow that of Wade's he will have to win a championship next season.