Great deal for Cleveland … albeit with a few, er, Cav-eats. (I am so, so sorry, but it was RIGHT THERE.) 

Howard Beck

The Cavs were already an elite defensive team, thanks to Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley. 

Now they have a dynamic one-two scoring punch in Mitchell and Darius Garland. 

This is potentially a top-five team in the East. But, well, the caveats. 

Mitchell and Garland are both high-usage, ball-controlling guards, the former a three-time All-Star, the latter a newly minted All-Star who just had his best season. 

They’ll have some chemistry to work out, but it’s a deal the Cavs had to make. 

Good deal, but I’m not sure yet whether it’s a great one. The Cavs took a huge leap forward with defense and Darius Garland being the unquestioned leader on offense. 

Chris Herring

By adding Mitchell, Garland will see his ball-handling responsibility split, and Cleveland’s defense weakens. 

Of course there’s more potential upside on offense now. But Mitchell has to buy into what the Cavs have built on D.